Owning a coastal home can fulfill your family’s dreams, offering quick trips to the beach and scenic walks.

However, coastal living also means potentially high risks of extreme weather, hurricanes, floods, and erosion. These factors pose challenges for insurance companies in providing comprehensive coverage for your property. 

Why Are Insurance Companies Leaving Coastal Areas? 

The increasing trend of insurance companies withdrawing from coastal areas has raised concerns among homeowners. Due to the unique risks associated with coastal properties regarding floods, natural disasters, hurricanes, and tropical storms. Numerous insurance companies are making difficult decisions to reassess their coverage for coastal areas. 

If you’ve been abandoned by your home insurance provider because of the proximity of your home to the coastline, our certified insurance agents are available to help you secure appropriate coverage. 

Prosper Shops Insurance Companies So You Don’t Have To! 

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The departure of insurance companies from coastal areas can greatly impact homeowners’ access to insurance coverage. Escalating repair costs, rising climate-related risks, limited profitability, reinsurance limitations, and regulatory compliance factors collectively contribute to this change.  

Homeowners are now faced with the challenge of finding suitable coverage and may experience increased premiums or limited options.  

If you own a house in a coastal region, we suggest contacting Prosper at (757) 248-5973 to investigate other insurance options and collaborate with our knowledgeable licensed agents. They can assist you in adapting to the shifting insurance market and obtaining suitable coverage for your property.