Important Announcement: Prosper Insurance is joining forces with Evertree.
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The Prosper Difference

Since opening our doors in 2007, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building a company that is unique in an industry largely dominated by mediocrity. We put customer service first, and we mean it.

After working with more than 30,000 clients, we understand how overwhelming the insurance process can be. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all policy, which is why we created an agency that partners with over 30 insurance carriers to find the best coverage to fit our client’s needs. We also built an entire Claims Advocacy department, which is unlike anything you will find at any other insurance company.

We are proud to be one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in Virginia with over 100 employees and serving Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, District of Columbia, South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, and Kentucky. We take pride in guiding our clients to success and never having to worry about being duped into coverage that won’t be there when they need it. Everything we do is to make sure you Feel Good About Your Insurance.

Giving Back to the World

It’s not enough just to give back to our local communities. We believe giving back to the planet we all live on is our responsibility. Every day we assist our clients in making choices to protect themselves. We extend this effort by protecting the home we all live on, Mother Earth.

To keep you feeling good about your insurance every time you purchase a policy, we plant a tree with One Tree Planted or SeaTrees by Sustainable Surf. And the best part is we let you choose whether you want your tree planted on land or in the sea!

How We Prosper

It’s our mission to Focus on What Matters. We’re encouraged to Stretch Ourselves and Remember the Team. As pioneers of the insurance industry, we’re constantly looking for new ways to Innovate and Embrace Change. We come to work each day ready to Do the Right Thing. All while maintaining that Work Hard, Play Hard mentality.

We pride ourselves for the way we Cherish our People and Support our Partners. We’re trained to Be a Guardian. Think of us like the Yoda to your Luke. We believe in Giving Back. That’s why we’re heavily involved within our community and partnered with One Tree Planted and SeaTrees who plants a tree for every policy we write. Oh, and don’t forget the Cheese!


Prosper Fam

At Prosper, we take our work seriously but never ourselves. We genuinely love what we do and who we do it for. We’ve dedicated ourselves to changing the stereotypes of the insurance industry as we know it by having fun, educating our clients, and giving back to our world- one tree at a time. Finally, a not-so-boring insurance company.

Let’s work together
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