It’s the time of year for holiday car advertisements featuring large red bows in your driveway on Christmas day, but is the holiday season really the optimal time to purchase a vehicle? 

During this season, numerous car dealers typically aim to deplete their stock or provide rewards to their salespeople to meet monthly or annual targets. This makes them more inclined to offer you a bargain at the month or year’s end. 

In the following section, we will delve into determining when is a good time to buy a car for you! 

When is the best time to buy a car? 

  1. Holidays  

Car dealerships offer cost-saving promotions throughout the year, not just during Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s. 

Here are a few more popular holiday sales: 

·      Memorial Day 

·      Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 

·      Labor Day 

·      4th of July 

·      President’s Day 

  1. End of the Month or End of the Year 

Showrooms frequently aim to deplete stock or provide perks to sales agents to meet monthly or annual targets, increasing the chances of them offering you a bargain at the month or year’s end so they can meet their quota. 

  1. Model Changes 

The arrival of new models of car brands can prompt dealerships to lower prices on older models. 

Try to identify the most suitable time for your circumstances and remember to obtain insurance during the holiday period, as auto dealerships will not permit you to leave their property without proof of insurance. 

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