Rental homes are a great way to make extra cash and use it as a financial investment. However, as the property owner, you do not want to get caught paying out of pocket if an accident happens on your property.

  • Are you covered if your renter trips and falls down the stairs?
  • Are you covered if your renter turns the living room into a foam pit party?

We’re here to ensure that you have the proper host damage insurance for your vacation rental property in case anything happens to your Airbnb guest on your Airbnb property.

How do we do that?

We’ll need to establish a profile and match your needs to the companies we offer in order for our insurance agents to provide you with the best renters insurance company for your vacation rental property.

A few companies that currently offer insurance coverage for short-term rentals are:

1.      Travelers Insurance

2.      Johnson & Johnson Insurance

3.      Narragansett Bay Insurance Company

Does homeowners insurance cover a vacation home?

It does cover vacation rentals but there are certain restrictions and limitations to short-term and vacation rentals. Not all companies offer coverage but they do have a few different options based on how you are renting it out annually.

Does Airbnb or VRBO provide coverage for your vacation rental?

They do provide coverage, but it is limited. We recommend just like when signing any contract that you please read the fine print on those documents or call us at (757) 248-5973 if you have any questions.

The coverage typically only applies once a renter enters the property and ends once the renter leaves the property. If there is no one currently renting the property out Airbnb/VRBO does not provide any coverage. Also, if you have coverage through Airbnb/VRBO and you need to file a claim, then you would go through them first to get your claim started.

Is there a difference in short-term versus long-term rentals for insurance?

There could be a difference in carriers we offer and pricing. That is why we advise all our clients to talk to an agent, so the agent can create a risk profile so you can rent out your property with peace of mind.

Make sure to review your current policy or speak with a licensed agent to understand what is and isn’t covered. Don’t make any assumptions – your insurance nerds at Prosper Insurance are ready to help!

Not sure if you’re properly covered? Let Prosper review your Airbnb or Vacation Rental Insurance Coverage! Speak with our insurance nerds to start building your profile at (757) 248-5973.