What is Commercial Insurance? 

Commercial Insurance protects your businesses, employees, and ownership. At Prosper, we understand that every company is different, that’s why we compare rates with top-rated insurance partners, to make sure your insurance policy is personalized to fit your type of business, so you aren’t paying for insurance coverage you do not need.  

What Are Common Business Insurance Claims? 

  • Employee Injuries
  • Auto Accidents
  • Property, Theft, and Damage
  • Customer Falls or Slips

How Do I File A Commercial Insurance Claim? 

We’re here to make your claims process go as smoothly and simply as possible. Follow these three simple steps to file a claim:

1. Gather information for the carrier to start your claim  

a.   Evaluate the situation and those involved 

b.  Take pictures of any property damage 

c. Document details relevant to the incident 

2. Connect with Prosper’s Claims Advocacy team 

a.  Contact your Claims Advocate directly if you don’t know your Claims Advocate, your sales agent or account manager can help!

b.  We’ll provide insight into how we expect your coverage to react based on your claim 

c.  Our team will coordinate the right forms that your insurance company will want you to complete 

d.  Your Claims Advocate will set up communication between you and the right people within your insurance company to get your claim started 

3.  Allow us to guide you through managing your claim 

a.  Adjuster is assigned within 48 hours 

b.  Your Prosper Claims Advocate will continue to check in and monitor your claim with your adjuster 

c.  If necessary, we’ll intervene to ensure your claim is being handled properly and efficiently 

Need more assistance? We have an On-Site Claims Advocacy Team ready to help! 

Our team of Claims Advocates ensures you receive the highest level of service from our partners while utilizing your coverage to its fullest ability. We’re here to address your coverage questions as they arise and advocate on your behalf when necessary so you can feel good about your insurance and go back to running your business. 

If you have questions about filing a claim, call our Commercial Claims Advocacy Department at (757) 500-2436 or send an email to comlines@prosper.insurance.