Hey there adventurer!  

Summer is here, which can mean it’s time to hit the open road and sightsee. Whether you are planning a long-distance trip in your RV, a scenic motorcycle ride, or a quaint drive in your classic car, before you start your adventure, let’s make sure you’re fully prepared for an amazing and safe trip on the road!  

Summer Road Trip Packing List Items: 


First things first, let’s talk insurance.   

You don’t want to start your road trip without proper protection for your RV, motorcycle, or classic car. Verify that your insurance plan is up to date. In addition, consider roadside help or rental car coverage if you are going on an extended trip.  

Renting a car? Here’s a reminder that if you ever rent a car and are unsure if you need to buy insurance coverage through the rental company, consider that if you have liability only for ALL your vehicles, you will need to buy insurance there.  

Contact us today at (757) 248-5973 to learn more about RV, motorcycle or classic car insurance. We compare 30+ insurance companies to help you find the best policy for your needs and budget. Let us help you stay safe and protected on your next adventure.   

Vehicle’s Condition:  

Let’s make sure your vehicle is in pristine condition! Head to your local auto shop to get an oil change, tire rotation, brake check, etc. This can help prevent breakdowns and provide protection to be prepared for any road/weather situation.   

Don’t forget to fill up your tank at the gas station or charge your electric car before you hit the open road!  

Roadside Emergency Kit:  

To always be prepared, pack an emergency kit for the road that includes;  

  • First aid kit  
  • Flashlight  
  • Jumper cables  
  • Tire pressure gauge  
  • Fire extinguisher  
  • Toolkit  
  • Portable battery charger  
  • Blanket  
  • Water bottles  
  • Non-perishable road trip snacks   

This will come in handy if you encounter vehicle trouble or get stranded on the road.  

Map Your Route:   

Navigating with apps like Waze and Google Maps is convenient, yet it’s wise to have an itinerary mapped out if you’re headed to somewhere new. Think about where you’ll stop in advance – this could be for a hotel room to rest or a cool restaurant to try. You never know when you might lose cell service or run into technical difficulties with your phone. 


Let’s make this road trip a vibe! Create a playlist with all your favorite songs or download some podcasts or audiobooks to keep you entertained during the journey. Bring an iPad or computer for the kids to watch their favorite shows or movies.  

Additional Items:  

Long hours on the road can be tiring, especially if you’re driving your RV. Don’t forget to pack any personal items you may need on the road to stay healthy and comfortable like;  

  • Sunscreen  
  • Hat  
  • Sunglasses  
  • Bug spray  
  • Toiletries  
  • Extra clothing  
  • Pillows  
  • Hand Sanitizer  

Whether it’s a long road trip or a short ride, you will be set for an amazing and enjoyable adventure with these tips!

Remember, that accidents can happen, so it’s important to have the right insurance coverage in place to protect yourself and your loved ones.

So, buckle up, blast the tunes, and let’s hit the road this summer!