When a car is unique, like a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, it requires special coverage that goes beyond a typical auto policy. A classic, custom, collectible or antique car requires insurance that reflects your vehicle’s uniqueness and value. If you own a special set of wheels, we’re here to help you find the kind of policy you need.

What types of vehicles need special insurance?

There is no uniform definition of a classic car. If a car’s value exceeds its original selling price, it might be considered collectible and a candidate for specialized classic car insurance. Vehicles that might warrant classic car auto insurance include:

  • Antique and classic cars, usually at least 25 to 30 years old
  • Hotrods and modified vehicles
  • Exotic and luxury autos (think James Bond)
  • Muscle cars
  • Classic trucks

Qualifying for classic car coverage

Every car is unique. However, most cars will need to meet the following criteria to qualify for this type of coverage.

  • Limited Use – Policies may have milage limitations or require proof that you have an alternative vehicle for everyday driving.
  • Car shows – Classic car policies allow for travel to car shows and auto club meet-ups, however, this coverage may be limited by some insurance companies. Be sure to check if they have travel restrictions when shopping for insurance.  
  • Secure storage – When you’re not driving you collector vehicle, it’s often required by insurance companies to be stored in a locked, enclosed, private structure.
  • Clean driving record – You may not qualify for classic car insurance if you have serious offenses on your driving record. 

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