Important Announcement: Prosper Insurance is joining forces with Evertree.
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Evertree Insurance

Prosper Insurance and Evertree Insurance join forces to revolutionize the insurance industry!

Prosper is becoming Evertree Insurance!

We are thrilled to announce that Prosper Insurance is joining forces with Evertree. This marks a historic and exciting milestone for all of us: the opportunity to create a stronger, more comprehensive agency dedicated to helping people all over the country feel good about their insurance.

Your trust and loyalty have been the bedrock of our success, and we deeply appreciate your continued support. It is with your unwavering confidence in our services that we embark on this new journey as Evertree Insurance. Our promise is to remain steadfast in being your reliable insurance provider.

Who is Evertree?

Evertree is an industry-leading brokerage with a team of insurance experts and innovative thinkers all over the country who are determined to improve the way insurance is sold and serviced while creating jobs and positively impacting the communities they serve.

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What Does This Mean For You?

As we continue to grow, our focus has always been to deliver the very best resources and services to our customers, and so we set out to find a partner that would ensure we continued to deliver and exceed that goal. We truly believe this opportunity presents a multitude of benefits that will enhance your overall experience.

Check out our list of FAQs below to learn more.


  • Why did Prosper choose Evertree?

    Prosper’s vision has always been to create a workplace that people could be proud to be a part of, and any client or partner that works with us felt that in their experience. We were positioning ourselves for national growth, and in the pursuit of that, we sought out  financial backing and professional resources to take our business to the next level. Insert  Evertree! They believed in our vision, which aligned firmly with theirs. We saw an opportunity for mutual benefit and are excited to embark on this journey with an incredible team of people.

  • Will the name/brand change?

    Yes, our name will officially change to Evertree! The official details of the rebrand of the company will be announced soon.

  • What changes can I expect to see?

    We will rebrand and become Evertree, so you may notice the new agency name and logo on future documents. Besides that, many things will stay the same for the foreseeable future. Our customer service will remain top-notch, our claims department is still here for you, and our overall business processes will remain the same. If phone numbers or email changes are necessary, we will communicate them well in advance.

  • Will my account, policy, or rates be impacted by this?

    All that is changing is the name of our brokerage as well as the additional resources we’re able to offer our clients. Your account and insurance carrier that holds your policy will stay the same.

  • What are the advantages to me, the client?

    This change brings many advantages to you, including more carrier partners, additional product offerings, and moving towards the ability to obtain insurance in all 50 states. You will also notice better technology and phone systems to improve your experience every time you interact with us.

  • Is our referral program going away or changing?

    Throughout this change, we do not foresee this changing and will continue to support our partners in the way we always have.

  • What will future communication/service be like?

    You’ll continue to receive the excellent service you’ve always enjoyed, now enhanced by the recognition of a nationally renowned agency while preserving the one-on-one personal experience. As always, our service department will be here to communicate any additional changes.

  • Will I still work with the team members associated with my account?

    Yes! Although we are combining forces with Evertree, and the brokerage name will eventually change from Prosper to Evertree, the folks you’ve been working with will still be here for you.


“There is an extreme alignment between the vision of Evertree and Prosper. Evertree has a track record of innovation, diversity, and putting clients and employees first.”

Drew Monroe Founder of Prosper Insurance and Head of Operations and Technology at Evertree

“Together, we are well-positioned to seamlessly integrate and invest on top of proven technology into every facet of our operation and extend embedded solutions to partnerships on a national scale. Importantly, we are excited to onboard the exceptional team they’ve assembled and are confident that as a combined force we will further our effort to become the preeminent personal lines brokerage firm of the future.”

Alex Tuff Founder and CEO of Evertree

“The undeniable synergy between our team members and values sets the stage for a promising future. I am genuinely thrilled about this growth opportunity and all it encompasses for our team.”

Jessica Fitzgibbons VP of Company Growth

“We are thrilled to welcome Prosper Insurance Group to Evertree Insurance. Their expertise and dedication to providing top-notch insurance services have already made a positive impact in their community and on our team! We look forward to a successful partnership, confident that Prosper’s commitment will further enhance our services and offerings!”

Max Morelli Compliance Manager

“Evertree and Prosper complement each other on many levels that ultimately will improve the client and employee experiences alike. Together we can grow our reach into new territories and technologies.”

Simon Chercka Director of IT

“Prosper Insurance was built through collaboration and trust among key leaders that had a vision in taking the company to new heights. Evertree’s leadership team is equally as determined in bringing that vision to life and providing resources and experience that will allow us to continue to support our partners, our clients, and our employees. We’re so excited to be on the same bus with them!”

Katie Sleeth Strategic Projects Manager

“I am excited about the incredible possibilities for growth this merger brings. The shared vision and the dynamic blend of talents, ideas and perspectives will make this company a household name.”

Dawn Hooper Strategic Growth Manager

“The merger with Evertree is extremely exciting! It brings more resources, enabling us to strengthen our partnerships and solidify our position in the industry. Great times are ahead!”

Sarah Dodson Business Development Manager

The alignment of Prosper and Evertree will afford us the ability to expand to National Brand very quickly all while not losing the small agency feel.

Shawn Choate Account Review/Agent Development Manager

“As a recent addition to the team, I have been amazed by the pace at which Evertree is expanding and achieving. I am eagerly looking forward to the future and the continued progress we will make with the support of all the individuals at Prosper. “

Ryan Stapleton Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst

“I am excited to see what the future holds for our clients and our team. There is a lot of opportunity for growth for everyone involved. I am confident that there are only great things ahead for us as we enter a new chapter.”

Larry Ison Claims Advocate
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