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The Claims Process

Our role as your Claims Advocate is to provide you peace of mind, address your coverage questions as they arise and ensure you receive the highest level of service from our partners.

Step 1: Get Safe

  • If the home is not livable, find a safe place to stay.
  • Keep track of your living expenses- hotel costs, receipts for meals eaten out, etc. You’ll need that later.

Step 2: Secure Property

  • Cover or tarp holes in walls and roof.
  • Board up windows and doors to prevent looters.
  • Ensure fire and embers are out and move any property that is at risk of damage.

Step 3: Collect Info

  • Make an inventory list of all you have lost and do not throw anything away.
  • Document everything and make a claim diary – who you spoke to and when, any completed work, and business cards from any adjuster or contractor.

Step 4: Contact Prosper

  • We can help you walk through the next steps and start the claim process if necessary.
Ready to file your claim?

Our team will walk you through next steps for your fire damage claim and connect you with the insurance carrier to start the claims process. We will even follow up throughout the claim if needed. Remember to make an inventory list and document everything that was lost in the fire.

Call us at (757) 448-3820.

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