Because they want you to keep your home amazing. This is a recent trend that is going to continue to rise. Regardless of who you get insurance from, you will likely have an inspection performed on your property when you sign up and typically every 3 years you stay with the policy after that. Unless they need to do an interior inspection, most inspections are only exterior, last about 10 minutes, and you don’t have to be there for them to perform the inspection.

Per the contract with you and the insurance carrier, they must pay out in a covered incident. So, they inspect the property to make sure it’s in insurable condition and fits their guidelines. They mostly look for overhanging trees, missing handrails, missing siding, condition of the roof, and if there are any pools, dogs, trampolines, Komodo dragons or open mine shafts on the property. Okay, they don’t really look for those last two.