Yes, this is a thing. Jewelry can be pretty pricey, and it is not something you want stolen or damaged. However, it’s not always automatically insured. Don’t worry though. You can usually add your bling to your homeowners, renters, or condo policy. In order to do so, make sure to inform your insurance provider of the item(s) appraised value. We will then be able to add it to your policy and determine your deductible.  

This also applies to art and other collectibles insurance policies.

Adding a Rider

Here’s another word you can add to your insurance vocabulary. Adding a piece of jewelry to your already-active policy is called scheduling an item or adding a rider. It basically means you are listing a special one-off item on your policy. It’s easy to add a rider. Just tell us about your jewelry, and we’ll insure the appraised value against a variety of types of losses.

Tips For Protecting Your Bling

  • Ensure your pieces are insured for the right amount
  • If you haven’t had your jewels appraised, be sure to do that
  • Keep a copy of the store receipt
  • Take a picture of your inventory
  • Keep your jewelry in a secure place such as a safe-deposit box
  • When traveling, only bring the jewels you’re planning on wearing
  • Do not leave jewelry in your luggage while being transported by an airline, cruise line, or other public transportation
  • Have your jewelry inspected regularly

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