A variety of factors are considered when your agent is pricing out your homeowners insurance. Basically, they are trying to answer two key questions: How likely is this person to have a claim at some point and how much will that claim cost. Here are those answers broken down in a few ways: 

Large, expensive homes = more expensive to repair = RISK 

Location, location, location = homes near coastal regions or wooded areas = RISK 

Trampolines and swimming pools = you like to have fun, but the risk of injury is higher = RISK 

Prior claims = more likely to file another = RISK 

Type of home = certain construction materials, siding, and other specs could determine the value of your home.

Other risk factors include age of home, condition of the roof, and proximity to a fire station (weird but true).

The bottom line is that homes with a greater risk of damage could lead to more claims. So these homes may have higher rates when it comes to insuring the property.

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