Most home insurance policies do not cover mold removal or damage from mold or bacteria, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still file a claim. There are a few exceptions.

When It Is Covered 

Sudden mold-related incidents specified on your policy may be covered. These are called “sudden and accidental” incidents. Let’s use an example. If a fire in your home is put out with hose-water which caused dampness and mold within your home, this would be covered. Another covered scenario is if your water heater bursts and floods your home, causing mold in the aftermath. 

When It Is Not Covered

Your insurer expects you to keep up with necessary maintenance of your home. So if you file a claim resulting from basic neglect of your home, mold damage would not be covered. For example, if you have a leaky window that never got fixed and resulted in rainwater accumulating in your home and leading to mold, unfortunately, this would not be covered. Side note: you don’t want to have windows that do not properly seal, trust us.