Peak hurricane season falls around the middle of September, with most hurricane activity happening between mid-August to mid-October. Will you be prepared for when the next storm hits? We’re here to help!

How to prepare for a hurricane?

Here are 6 tips to help make sure you are prepared for the next hurricane:

  1. Seek shelter and stay indoors
  2. Stock up on supplies (flashlights, batteries, pet supplies, non-perishable foods)
  3. Know where your evacuation routes are and closest local hospital
  4. Sign-up for text alerts for local government to know when evacuation is necessary
  5. Stay up to date with your local news
  6. Stock up on extra medical supplies

How to hurricane proof your home?

We created a friendly reminder with 6 different tips of how you can secure and protect your home from tropical storms or hurricanes:

  1. Securing entries into your home
  2. Strengthening your roof
  3. High-impact windows
  4. Bring in loose items from outside
  5. Secured HVAC system
  6. Take pictures of your assets

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