Woohoo, you found your first home! …Now what?

The days leading up to the closing can feel overwhelming, from home inspections, and appraisals, to property surveys…

We get it, there is a lot going on!

When you buy a home in Virginia, your mortgage lender will require you to purchase homeowners’ insurance prior to closing.

This is also a wonderful time to bundle your policies to potentially save money. Prosper Insurance compares insurance quotes instantly for your new home and even tailors it to your needs, and your budget.

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What do you bring to a house closing?

  • Closing paperwork: The closing paperwork from your lender which will list your loan’s amount, interest rate, monthly payment and include a breakdown of insurance.
  • Cashier’s or certified check: A certified check or a wire transfer from escrow to pay for your closing costs.
  • Photo ID: Drivers license, passport, or other government-issued photo ID.
  • Proof of homeowners insurance: This policy will protect you incase of an emergency if your home is damaged or destroyed. The insurance company will provide the bill to cover damages or rebuild.

Remember to take all the time you need and ask questions when reading and signing your closing documents. As always, we are phone call or chat away if you have any questions!