So you’re a parent and it’s finally time for your teenager to get their driver’s license. It’s an exciting time for them but it may be less exciting, and even worrisome, for you as their parent. There’s probably a lot of mixed feelings about this moment and that’s okay. Our job is to instill some peace of mind when your teen hits the road. Here’s a parent’s guide on how to insure their teenage driver.

Tips For Insuring Your Teen Driver

1. Start the process early.

The best time to begin the insurance process is before your teen driver gets a learner’s permit. If you have a policy with Prosper, give your agent a call to see what the cost will be to add your teen once licensed.

2. Add your teen to your auto policy.

Once licensed, adding them to your existing policy will almost always be significantly cheaper than the teen having coverage through his or her own policy. Plus, they’ll benefit from the same protection that you do. We call that a “win-win”.

3. Ask about discounts.

Does your kiddo have good grades? If you’re the proud parent of a student with a high GPA, your insurance company will more than likely reward you with a discount. “Good students” are seen as being less of a risk. Looks like hitting the books and studying hard pays off in more ways than one!

If your teen is older and headed off to college, you might be able to get a discount if they’re going to school far away (for example, 100 miles from home) and they’re not bringing a vehicle with them. Less time spent behind the wheel equals a possible discount.

These are just a couple possible discounts. Be sure to ask your Prosper agent about any others you and your teen might qualify for.

4. Talk about safe driving with your teen.

Having regular conversations about safety, practicing driving together, and leading by example goes a long way in ensuring your teen makes smart decisions on the road. Have the “no texting and driving” talk and the “obeying speed limits and traffic laws” talk. Oh, and don’t forget the seat belt discussion.